Performing Arts: Ruins to Opera

Performing Arts in the College of Arts is about music and movement, the old and the new. We write fresh, up-to-date translations of ancient plays for new audiences, and produce innovative works of art to be performed in public. We are inspired by ruins to question the passing of time through text and image, and […]

Writing and Publishing: ‘On Getting Out the House’

Writing is a dangerous profession. There are the obvious hazards: alcoholism, drug misuse, the misery inherent in spending every day probing the darkest recesses of the human soul. And then there’s the loneliness. The tendency to spend one’s days chained to the desk, drinking too much coffee and eating too many gelatine-free Percy Pig sweets. […]

Writers and Publishers: what a talented bunch!

  by Jennifer Hilder (PhD Intern) At Industry Day 2013, Dr Jeremy Smith from the School of Critical Studies hit the audience with some big numbers: Scottish writing and publishing produces 3,000 titles a year, pays royalties to 14,000 writers, and has a turnover of £342 million. As Jeremy went on to emphasise, the College […]

Putting on a good show: the College of Arts and Performing Arts

by Jennifer Hilder (PhD Intern) The College of Art’s strengths in Performing Arts lie particularly in the field of music and theatre. As Dr Adrienne Scullion, from the School of Culture and Creative Arts, explained, the College’s experts in music and theatre engage actively, and passionately, with the performing arts ‘locally, nationally, and internationally’. Original […]