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Film and Broadcasting in the College of Arts

If you tune into the radio or turn on the television on a daily basis, you’ll no doubt have heard the voices of numerous University of Glasgow staff. Academics across the College of Arts regularly offer expert opinion on a range of topics of the day, and not just in Scotland. Our academics are also […]

Universities and Independence

by Jennifer Hilder (PhD Intern) The future of Higher Education Research in an Independent Scotland was the subject of a special paper produced in April by the Scottish Government, following the white paper on Scotland’s Future last November (on the blog here). In it, the Scottish Government argues that Scotland’s world leading universities will benefit […]

Scottish Government supports Knowledge Exchange

By Jennifer Hilder (PhD Intern) Whatever happens in the independence referendum next year, yesterday’s white paper published by the Scottish Government, Scotland’s Future, shows their commitment and pride in knowledge exchange activities. A whole section of the paper is devoted to ‘supporting Scotland’s universities’, which are praised as being ‘some of the world’s oldest and […]