Partnering with the Visual Arts Industry

Working with Visual Arts is a whole spectrum of activities from analysing Medieval paint work to raising the profile of French comic strips, known as Bande Dessinée. The College of Arts has launched innovative crowdsourcing projects such as Your Paintings Tagger and Art Detective to draw on expertise across the world, as well as using […]

Putting ourselves in the picture: visual arts and the University

Glasgow is a wonderful place to engage in academic work on the visual arts. From its medieval heritage, embodied in the Cathedral and its rich history, to the wealth of historic collections in the city, displayed at venues such as the Burrell or Kelvingrove, and up to the vibrancy of its renowned contemporary art scene, […]

Is ‘Industry’ a Dirty Word?

In the Arts, in academe, ‘industry’ is sometimes seen as a dirty word. Well the ‘industries’ that I engage with are various and represent a huge support to the research I do on Robert Burns. I work with the ‘creative industries’, where our events at the Centre for Robert Burns Studies often involve musical performances […]

Life Is A Journey – Mapping Metaphor

Describing life as a journey is a metaphor that works in a straightforward and predictable way. It is very common to take a concrete idea (a journey) and use it to describe an abstract concept (life). It is a metaphor that most people would understand and use without thinking, but do you know when that […]

A National Academy of Comics in Glasgow?

‘As we all know, the world’s first comic was invented in Glasgow.’ Prof Laurence Grove might not be right that we are all aware of comic book history, but perhaps he hopes we soon will be. With an exhibition at The Hunterian in 2016, Laurence is also in talks with the Centre for Contemporary Arts […]

An Overview of Writing and Publishing in the College of Arts

Writing and Publishing are changing and the College of Arts is changing with them, looking through languages to societies in the past, present and future. Using the Historical Thesaurus, novelists and academics can accurately recreate word use and thought patterns from centuries ago. Uncovering unknown letters from forgotten Russian author Ivan Bunin has helped to […]

Are you making best use of the University on your doorstep?

Since Universities or Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) have been established links with non-HEIs have always been on the agenda. For example, in 1451, Pope Nicolas V issued a Papal Bull stating that the knowledge generated by the University of Glasgow should be made available both locally and nationally. With the passing of over 550 years […]

Readdressing dress and tackling textiles: conservation, preservation and research in action.

by Jennifer Hilder (PhD Intern) The Dress and Textiles theme is lead by Dr Anita Quye and, as Anita said in her presentation at Industry Day 2013, the college’s Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History is already a shining example of the incredible benefits of collaboration and partnership. Existing partnerships include Glasgow Museums, […]