A pile of cookbooks on a kitchen chair

A Day spent with Cookbooks: Presenting at the ‘Cookbooks: Past, Present, and Future’ Symposium

Lindsay Middleton is a first year PhD student researching nineteenth-century food writing. Her love of cookbooks, Twitter connections and a College of Arts Research Support Award gave her the opportunity to present at the perfect symposium – on cookbooks. A love of cookbooks While researching my Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities-funded PhD project, […]

With Our Own Voices

Written by Victoria Shropshire (PhD candidate in English Literature). ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ For two Saturdays in September 2018, along with fellow doctoral candidate, Sarah Tytler, and writer-poet-performer, Elaine Gallagher, I had the pleasure of facilitating With Our Own Voices, a pair of multimodal creative writing workshops hosted by the Glasgow Women’s Library. With Our Own Voices was […]

Is ‘Industry’ a Dirty Word?

In the Arts, in academe, ‘industry’ is sometimes seen as a dirty word. Well the ‘industries’ that I engage with are various and represent a huge support to the research I do on Robert Burns. I work with the ‘creative industries’, where our events at the Centre for Robert Burns Studies often involve musical performances […]

Life Is A Journey – Mapping Metaphor

Describing life as a journey is a metaphor that works in a straightforward and predictable way. It is very common to take a concrete idea (a journey) and use it to describe an abstract concept (life). It is a metaphor that most people would understand and use without thinking, but do you know when that […]

Writing and Publishing: ‘On Getting Out the House’

Writing is a dangerous profession. There are the obvious hazards: alcoholism, drug misuse, the misery inherent in spending every day probing the darkest recesses of the human soul. And then there’s the loneliness. The tendency to spend one’s days chained to the desk, drinking too much coffee and eating too many gelatine-free Percy Pig sweets. […]

A National Academy of Comics in Glasgow?

‘As we all know, the world’s first comic was invented in Glasgow.’ Prof Laurence Grove might not be right that we are all aware of comic book history, but perhaps he hopes we soon will be. With an exhibition at The Hunterian in 2016, Laurence is also in talks with the Centre for Contemporary Arts […]

An Overview of Writing and Publishing in the College of Arts

Writing and Publishing are changing and the College of Arts is changing with them, looking through languages to societies in the past, present and future. Using the Historical Thesaurus, novelists and academics can accurately recreate word use and thought patterns from centuries ago. Uncovering unknown letters from forgotten Russian author Ivan Bunin has helped to […]

Writing and Publishing: essential tools for effective communication

Writing and publishing are essential for effective communication across organisations, industries and sectors. The College of Arts at the University of Glasgow is a centre of expertise for the interpretation of existing text and authorship, and for the use of language, writing and publishing to communicate important information to communities within and beyond academia. Academics […]

Digital Innovations in the Private Sector

We kicked off our industry engagement via the Digital Theme in Dec 2013 with an event that looked at Digital Innovations in the public sector. In partnership with the Glasgow Science Festival, we recently (9th June 2014) delivered a follow-up event that explored Digital Innovations in the private sector. Ann Gow, Director of the College […]

Step Inside MS

By Gillian Shirreffs Writing can be a therapeutic process. In my editing and publishing project, part of my MLitt in Creative Writing, I chose to highlight the benefits of therapeutic writing alongside raising awareness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Through social media, I put out a call for letters asking people to tell me about their […]