Changing the Perception of Govan’s Heritage

For over twenty years, Professor Stephen Driscoll has been championing Govan’s heritage and changing the perception of Govan along with it. Working with Govan Workspace Ltd, a local regeneration charity, Stephen has helped to uncover some of Govan’s lost treasures – but there is more still to do. Govan has a fascinating past. Before it […]

Heritage: preserving and using past knowledge to inform people about the future.

Heritage is a broad sector that encompasses preserving and using past knowledge to inform people about the future. That might involve working with historic locations to reinterpret their collections, as with Stirling Castle Palace or preserving collections through new digital curation technology and training courses. More broadly, we research the history of places and place […]

Participatory Mapping

Heritage in the College of Arts

In the College of Arts we understand heritage to be the living past. It is a tangible inheritance of archaeological sites, historic buildings, the artefacts in our museum collections, the documents in our archives, works of art and of literature; and it is our inherited beliefs, values, knowledge, languages, traditions and practices. Heritage is not […]

Part of The Glasgow Story: Making Heritage matter

by Jennifer Hilder (PhD Intern) At Industry Day, Dr Jeremy Huggett, the theme lead, admitted that he had struggled to encapsulate Heritage in a three-minute talk. Heritage is another broad term and although we think we know what it means when we talk about our own heritage, or the charity English Heritage, it can be […]