Religious Dress in the Flesh

Exploring Religious Clothing through Interfaith Encounter A partnership event between Interfaith Glasgow, the University of Glasgow and St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art Funded by the University of Glasgow Chancellor’s Fund and the College of Arts. 26 August 2018 On a Sunday afternoon in August, 35 people from diverse religious and non-religious backgrounds […]

The challenges and practices of Cultural Education

As a professor of French in the School of Modern Languages at Glasgow University, I feel Modern Languages are quite uniquely placed to address the challenges and practices of cultural education at this intriguing moment in the history of Scottish education, and of culture in a more global context. We tend to think of Universities, […]

What is Cultural Education?

It’s a good question, and it’s a big question. Because culture covers so many different things. On one level, perhaps an unexpected one today, it relates to a religious dimension, because ‘culture’ relates to the cult —to the cult of the gods. And so, through cult(ure), we enter the world of the gods: the world […]

Scottish History in the Classroom

A group of academics in the College of Arts are paving the way to develop resources to support the teaching of Scottish History in the classroom. Led by Dr Karin Bowie, Profs Lynn Abrams, Dauvit Broun, Simon Newman and Drs Catriona Macdonald and Steven Reid the team have been engaging with the teaching support associations […]

IRIS: Cultural Education Takes Latin into Schools

“How do you say football boots in Latin?” was one of the first questions the teachers of the ‘Literacy through Latin’ project were asked by pupils in their class of primary school children. As Jennifer Hilder, the project’s Co-ordinator, explains, the project aims to help children improve their English by learning Latin, becoming comfortable with […]

Glasgow Gaelic Stories

Soillse, the name of an interuniversity project in which the College of Arts plays a pivotal role, is an abstract Gaelic word meaning “light, brightness”. As Professor Rob Ó Maolalaigh explains, “it’s about bringing elucidation and insight to Gaelic development.” Through Soillse and other initiatives, the College is contributing to increasing and enhancing research capacity […]

Cultural Education in the College of Arts

  Teaching people about culture can mean many things, and we aren’t restricting ourselves to thinking about Scotland. Cultural education can mean raising awareness of a particular culture such as Islam, or changing the culture of large organisations such as the NHS across England, Scotland and Wales. Cultural education can also be giving school children […]

Cultural Education: Different People Giving Different Things to Different People

When a Scot sees Tintin in a kilt entering a Scottish pub we are amused. What we observe contradicts what we know because he is not Scottish, he is Tintin, and (in the original) he is speaking French. Cultural norms are being transgressed, but—or rather and—the effect is enticing. The reader based in Brussels or […]

Sectarianism in Scotland event: “resolutely controversial”?

by Jennifer Hilder (PhD Intern) On a very wet March evening, over 80 people came together for the inaugural event of the Scottish Religious Cultures Network (SRCN) supported by Knowledge Exchange. Professor Tom Devine from Edinburgh University spoke on the subject of ‘Sectarianism in Scotland: Is it really a problem?’ and aimed, he said, to […]

Classics in Schools

by Jennifer Hilder (Phd Intern and Co-ordinator of the Iris Project pilot in Glasgow) On Monday, Education Secretary Michael Gove announced that he wanted more state secondary schools to teach Greek and Latin. As The Independent reports, he said “Classics is one of those subjects where most university places are taken up by independent school […]