Reach 08 – College of Arts Industry Engagement Newsletter

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The eighth edition of Reach is here! The KE team have worked tirelessly over the past couple of months to provide you with an insight into some of the exciting knowledge exchange and industry engagement partnerships which have recently been fostered by the College of Arts. You might notice that this edition is a little bit different to previous Reach newsletters. The case studies in Reach 08 don’t fall under the same thematic categories as previous editions, because we have decided to refresh these themes. This decision was partly inspired by the rich interdisciplinary nature of the projects featured in this edition, which we think reflect the ethos of the College of Arts itself.

As ever, the aim of the newsletter is to give you an insight into the range of ambitious projects and partnerships that academics from the College have been involved in. The articles cover a range of times and places spanning from the early 18th century until the present day, from islands in the Pacific and the South China Sea to Caithness and right here in Glasgow. These collaborative partnerships have involved a range of public, private and third sector organisations from all over the world.  The articles explore aspects of life in the past from pre-historic rituals and ancient performance, to the plight of runaway slaves in the British Isles. They pose questions about some of the  issues facing our society today, like how we engage with illness and disability, and what role religion could and should play in modern life.

In this edition you will find that the College collaborates with a range of external partners, from Glasgow Life, Education Scotland, Kew Gardens and Creative Scotland. Public engagement is also central to the being of the College of Arts as exemplified by the unique relationships we have with established venues like the Glasgow Film Theatre and the Centre for Contemporary Arts. Film-makers, engineers, musicians, the Forestry Commission, photographers, geographers, and even a Kenyan restaurant help demonstrate the broad range of partners that are considered vital to the College of Arts. Three of the articles are focused on enriching the educational experiences of children in Scottish primary schools and high schools by working directly with educators. Some of the projects aim to offer the next generation a more representative view of Scottish society. For instance, offering children an insight into the diversity of Scottish society in the past, an understanding of the complexity of their native dialect, and the opportunity to learn Polish as a second foreign language.

You can read about all of these projects in the e-version of Reach 08 here. We hope that you find the articles featured in Reach 08 interesting and inspiring. These projects are ongoing, and some of them are only in their initial stages, and so we are still keen to develop future partnerships. If you would be interested in sponsoring or becoming involved in any of the projects you’ve read about in Reach 08, you can contact the KE Team at To receive a hard copy of our newsletter and to be notified about news and upcoming events you can sign up here.

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