An Overview of Writing and Publishing in the College of Arts

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Knowledge Exchange Intern Jennifer Hilder

Writing and Publishing are changing and the College of Arts is changing with them, looking through languages to societies in the past, present and future. Using the Historical Thesaurus, novelists and academics can accurately recreate word use and thought patterns from centuries ago. Uncovering unknown letters from forgotten Russian author Ivan Bunin has helped to bring his work to new audiences in translation, while the new MSc in Translation Studies works closely with translation organisations to create new relationships between students and the industry. The Scotland of the future will recognise Phillips O’Brien’s contribution to the Scottish independence debate.

The Historical Thesaurus is a major new resource for the English language and a commercial success too, with sales revenue of over £1.5million in global sales. Since its completion it has been integrated with the Oxford English Dictionary making it more user-friendly and accessible. As well as being a valuable source of information for academics, it has also been used by historical novelists such as Philip Pullman as a way to enhance the historical accuracy of their work.

Enhancing historical accuracy is also a result of Andrei Rogatchevski’s work on Ivan Bunin, Russia’s first Nobel Prize winner for literature. After finding several unknown letters in the archive of Hogarth Press, Rogatchevski’s work lead him to contribute to Alma Books recent reissue of Bunin’s Dark Avenues in translation.

The College of Arts also has experience in translation itself, and its MSt in Translation Studies has been designed in collaboration with industry experts to ensure that students are exposed to highly relevant and up-to-date material. Student placements in the workplace are also a key part of giving students knowledge that will enhance their employability. This also allows the College of Arts to develop strong relationships with agencies and publishers and gives companies access to new skills and fresh input.

Finally, moving away from fiction writing, Phillips O’Brian of the College of Arts has produced briefing papers, developed research questions and provided evidence about the implications of Scottish independence for naval bases and defence in Scotland.

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Text by Jennifer Hilder. Watch Jennifer’s video ‘Writing and Publishing in 46 seconds‘.

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