Calling all Film, TV and Radio Production Companies

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(by Nicola Elizabeth Johnson, PhD Intern)

An effective relationship between academia and film, radio and television can be extremely valuable for both parties. For academics, it is a chance for our research to reach a wider audience. For production companies, it enables access to high quality knowledge and expertise for excellent content creation.

On Thursday 13th March the College of Arts will be showcasing some of its latest research at an exciting event aiming to establish new, and deepen existing partnerships with Scottish-based production companies. The event will consist of two main components. Firstly, Mark Cousins and Connolly Clark Films will outline the advantages working with the University of Glasgow has brought to their impressive body of work. Secondly, a series of 3-4 minute talks from academics. With titles such as ‘Sex, Death and Memory’, ‘Knitting for Scotland’ and ‘Why religion?’ it is clear to see that the range of research is diverse and fascinating.

Knowledge exchange with the production sector in Scotland is especially pertinent with regards to the University’s new masters programme “Filmmaking and Media Arts” which launches in September. We plan to enrich the course with lectures delivered by industry leaders and opportunities for student internships within local companies. Therefore, it is especially beneficial for us to maximize our connections with the industry at this time.

This event is a fantastic opportunity for theory to meet practice. We are excited for production companies to come along and learn about the vast range of knowledge and expertise available at the University, and explore the possibility of researchers working more closely with film, television and radio.

Post Author: Fraser Rowan

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