The industry’s perspective: Vangelis Banos on managing the BlogForever project

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Vangelis Banos was the Project Manager on the BlogForever project. He tells us how it worked to be managing such a diverse and international team and what excites him about the project’s outcomes.

We invited HATII (Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute) to be a key partner on the BlogForever project because of their expertise in digital preservation and their well-known work on past projects. As the project involved people from across Europe, the idea of managing an international team seemed daunting at first. Luckily for me, the academics and industry professionals who were working on the project were of such high calibre that the distance was never an obstacle. On the contrary, it was a highly productive experience.

Dr Yunhyong Kim led the team researching Preservation Policies, that is, how blogs can be preserved, how they can be preserved in a way that is compatible with different systems, and how to manage the rights to blogs. She did a great job co-ordinating the team and, in my view, she made a substantial contribution that was crucial for the success of the whole project. Overall, I believe that the interaction between academics like Yunhyong and the industry professionals was beneficial both for the participants themselves and for the project outcomes. Although the two groups of people often had different views on some things, they managed to work together on various issues. For me, this is one of the great advantages of collaborative European research projects: they bring together these two different worlds.

The outcomes of the project are both theoretical and practical. Publications and conference papers, available on our website, show the project’s findings in the domains of blog archiving, blog content analysis and blog archiving systems. More excitingly, perhaps, we have created a BlogForever platform which can harvest, preserve, manage and reuse blog content. It is also freely available online. For me personally, BlogForever has been one of my most important projects. With the results of the project I can go on to engage in more advanced research such as web archive analytics. For others too, the outcomes of the BlogForever project are great assets which can help accelerate further research.

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