From Page to Screen: Selling the film rights to ‘The Boy Who Could See Demons’

I am a poet and novelist published in 22 languages – I’m also Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. In 2014, the film rights to my second novel, The Boy Who Could see Demons, were optioned by Hollywood film producer Sebastian Dungan. Almost exactly at the same time, I received news that […]

Film and Broadcasting Theme Image

Film and Broadcasting in the College of Arts

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Calling all Film, TV and Radio Production Companies

(by Nicola Elizabeth Johnson, PhD Intern) An effective relationship between academia and film, radio and television can be extremely valuable for both parties. For academics, it is a chance for our research to reach a wider audience. For production companies, it enables access to high quality knowledge and expertise for excellent content creation. On Thursday […]

Now Showing: Film and Broadcasting in the College of Arts

by Jennifer Hilder (PhD Intern) The Film and Broadcasting theme is one that we all might think we already understand. But what might surprise you is the range of ways the College of Arts supports and develops this theme, not just through Film and Television studies. Thanks to a growing popular interest in historical and […]